About Us

Ordering Teeth Devices online, taking your own teeth impressions, and having the device delivered to you without leaving home is now very popular.
Most of these websites have a single location and do not have a dentist or orthodontist office that you can visit during the process if needed.

At iHomeDental, we feel that our customers should have the care of a dental professional, in their city, should they require them.
We are working to build a network of affiliated dentists and orthodontists so that every customer has access to a nearby clinic.

We also employ Certified Dental Technicians to quality control all of our teeth devices.
Our technicians have also worked with dentists and orthodontists and are very instrumental in providing the same quality teeth devices that dentists provide.

We are offering dentists and orthodontists several ways of affiliating with us to build our network.
Please look for the name iHomeDental on the website to ensure that you are ordering from true dental professionals.

If you are a dental professional interested in our affiliate programs, please use the Contact Us form.

Certified Dental Technicians
Highest Quality Teeth Devices
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Certified Dental Technician