Braces vs Invisible Aligners: Which One Should You Choose

Healthy, straight teeth make it easier to eat, chew, brush, and speak, and having a smile that you are proud of and comfortable with will enhance your confidence and self-esteem. There are many options available for orthodontic patients to consider.

Traditional metal braces are made of archwires and brackets and are available as an orthodontic treatment option to almost all patients. Braces are available in both standard metal brackets as well as clear or tooth-colored ceramic or plastic and wire to minimize the appearance of the braces.

Invisible aligners treatment involves a series of clear plastic teeth aligners that are less noticeable than braces and are removable for eating, drinking, and special occasions. While invisible aligner is an option for many, compliance is the essential factor to consider before starting any treatment.


Traditional dental braces will comprise of two long hours dental appointments – called your bond and debond which involves putting the brackets on and taking them off. Throughout the course of treatment, you will make several short visits to your orthodontist to check-in and make adjustments as required. Because your orthodontist is restoring your beautiful smile as you go throughout the treatment, you may have an appointment every few weeks.

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Invisalign uses your 3D scans to perform a course of treatment with your orthodontist. Your initial and final appointments will be longer, but there will be fewer check-in appointments throughout treatment as clear teeth aligners are delivered to the patient about every 10-14 days. There tend to be fewer emergency-type appointments with invisible aligners.

The main inconvenience is the possibility of losing your teeth aligner when it is not in your mouth. In this case, you will need to call your orthodontist to see if the aligner set can be replaced, or if you are ready to just move along to the next aligner pair.


Traditional braces consists of metal attachments and wires, creating more opportunities to create sores on your cheeks, lips, or tongue. Typically after an appointment, patients with braces can have some soreness and discomfort for a few days before it goes away until the next appointment. As the treatment of clear teeth aligners is plotted from the beginning, it is simpler to spread out movements to limit discomfort.

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