Can You Sleep with a Dental Flipper?

Replacing a missing tooth that has been lost to dental disease or mishap is not an easy process. Often the tooth extraction site will need time to heal, and if the tooth is to be replaced with a dental implant, additional dental procedures such as bone or soft tissue grafts may be needed. This implies living without a permanent tooth replacement for a few weeks.

Obviously this is not right, particularly as the loss of any tooth can affect the position and stability of those present and if the missing tooth is visible then its loss can be distressing. Dental flippers are the perfect solution to this problem.

A flipper tooth is a removable partial denture that is used as a temporary replacement for one or more missing teeth. Light in weight, dental flipper fills in gaps so you don’t need to live without a tooth while waiting for a more permanent tooth replacement option.

Dental flipper can be designed before the natural tooth is extracted. Dental flippers are made from gum-colored denture acrylic that supports your replacement tooth. Flippers may have clasps that fit around your existing teeth to help hold it in place. This teeth device is quite easy for individuals to insert and is easily taken out for regular cleaning. Dental flippers also enhances the ability to eat and chew food.

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Dental flippers can be used by adults who are missing a single tooth, or who have lost several teeth that are not adjacent to each other. Choosing dental flippers can restore the appearance of your natural teeth in a cost-effective way. While generally opt as a temporary solution, some adults will choose dental flippers as a more permanent solution for tooth loss. Buy Dental Flipper Online from the comfort of your home.

Can You Use Flipper Tooth as a Front Tooth After Dental Extraction?

Individuals who have one or more missing teeth but still have healthy gums are the right candidates for dental flippers. Flipper tooth can also be used as a temporary front tooth after tooth extraction procedure for those who prefer a dental implant treatment and are waiting for it to be custom-made by a dental lab.

Can You Sleep with a Dental Flipper?
Wearing dental flippers for long hours can put pressure on the tissue below them. This extreme pressure can cause the bone to deteriorate, lead to receding gums, and also cause fungal infection in your gums. So it is recommended to remove dental flippers for around 8 hours, before going to bed at night, to allow your gums to breathe.

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Dental flippers are a superb low-cost way to fill the gap left behind by missing teeth. Order custom-made dental flippers online. No matter what your dental needs are, iHomeDental is here for you. Contact us today to know more about our top quality custom dental flippers online.

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