How much do Invisible Retainers Cost?

Your teeth have been straightened as per your desire, your beautiful smile is worth showing off, and your bite is where it needs to be. What’s next? Now it is time to choose teeth retainer to keep all of that orthodontic work in place.

The teeth retention phase is a necessary phase in keeping teeth in their original position and inhibiting the teeth from returning to their exact position. Both removable and fixed teeth retainers can be used to provide strong retention.

Those who were orthodontic patients years ago might picture teeth retainers as bulky, metal messes that impair speech and cause huge discomfort. These days patients, however, know that dental science has come a long way. Not only are there far more choices for teeth retainers, but each option has been optimized for extreme comfort and to be invisible. An individual sitting next to you might be wearing teeth retainer without anyone noticing. Here are the different types of teeth retainers:

From invisible to wire, teeth retainers are available in a variety of styles. There are multiple choices to suit your style and appearance preferences.

Permanent Teeth Retainers

Permanent teeth retainers or fixed teeth retainers are considered permanent, because while an orthodontist can remove them, patients cannot. Permanent retainers are attached to the back of the patient’s teeth. Permanent retainer holds the teeth strongly in place to prevent them from moving back into their previous positions.

Invisible Retainer Cost
Hawley Teeth Retainers

Removable hawley retainers are the most widely recognized kind of teeth retainer. Also known as wire retainers, this form has been around for decades and continues to be a reliable option for orthodontists. Hawley retainers are made from a molded acrylic arch and wire, custom-fitted to the wearer’s mouth. They work by slowly moving teeth into their position or holding them in place, and they can be adjusted as required.

Clear Teeth Retainers

Clear teeth retainers or invisible retainers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as the technology has dramatically improved. Removable clear retainers are made from clear plastic, and like Hawley retainers, they are custom-made for the patient’s mouth. These teeth retainers are clear and, they are hard to notice without looking for them.

If appearance is your main concern, your best retainer options are a clear or permanent retainer. Clear retainers are invisible, which means you could wear them any time, anywhere and they will be invisible.

How much do Invisible Retainers Cost?

If you ask people how much Invisible Retainer Cost, most of them will just say “expensive”. In the past, this would have been true. However, the cost of quality teeth retainers has been driven down by new advancements. Customized invisible retainers are available at half the price of the dentists office price online.

Order Invisible Retainers Online

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