Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures in Mouth?

Partial dentures are removable, natural-looking teeth device that helps restore the form and function of your jaw bone by replacing one or several missing teeth. When you are missing one or more teeth, the bite pressures shift in your mouth.

Other teeth may begin to move to compensate for the “gap” in your mouth, and you may experience shrinking of both the soft tissues and the supporting bone near your missing teeth. This can affect your physical appearance and can lead to subsequent problems with your other teeth.

Partial dentures are made from a plastic material called Valplast which is virtually unbreakable and gives them the strength to handle your needs for chewing and speaking, while also looking natural. A partial denture keeps the underlying structures of your mouth (gums, jawbone, facial muscles, etc) functioning well. It helps prevent further shifting of the other teeth in your mouth, while offering you the next level of confidence of having a straight, beautiful smile.

Partial dentures are a less-invasive option that also tends to be less expensive than other options for replacing missing teeth. Partials need a little bit of maintenance but are easy to get used to and, for many patients, do an excellent job of restoring beauty and functionality to that part of their mouth. Regular caring and cleaning of your partial denture is essential but is a simple process that will keep your gums healthy and your partial denture looking great.

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Partial dentures are perfect solution when the other teeth in your mouth are healthy. It is always preferable to keep your natural teeth, however, if this is not a solution, a full denture may be the right solution for you. Your dental needs will indicate the overall cost of your partial denture. However, partial dentures are a cost-effective solution for most patients.

Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures?

The wise decision is to not sleep with your partial denture in place. Sleeping with partial dentures is not recommended for a number of reasons. Partial dentures are designed to be removed during sleep – which also provides the opportunity to ensure no food particles are stucked under your partial dentures. Order Partial Dentures Online from the comfort of your home and feel the comfort while chewing.

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Partial dentures are cost-effective way to replace your missing teeth. Order Partial Dentures Online from the comfort of your own home with us. Contact us today to know more custom partial dentures.

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