Is a Night Guard Necessary for Sleep Apnea?

If you have suffered from sleep apnea problem, you may wonder if there is a sleep apnea treatment option that doesn’t take much effort to implement. The answer to this is YES. Night guards can ease your sleep apnea symptoms.

What is Sleep Apnea? Snores are no laughing matter. Snoring is usually treated as a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. People suffering from sleep apnea stop breathing for short periods of time during their slumber. Snoring is the result of their body’s efforts to restart the breathing process.

There are a few reasons for snoring, but it is usually a main symptom of a blockage caused by sleep apnea. And while snoring itself might not be bad for you, it means you aren’t getting sound, uninterrupted sleep — which is really important for your overall health and wellbeing.

Getting a sound sleep allows you to remain alert and focused throughout the day, fight off illnesses and keep your teeth in good condition. When your airway is blocked during sleep, you may end up sleeping with your mouth open to help you breathe more easily. Unfortunately, this dries out your mouth, and it can mean more than a bit of dry mouth in the morning.

Night Guard for Teeth

Saliva naturally contains antibacterial properties, and if your mouth is drying out when you sleep, your saliva can’t work to clean your mouth. Untreated, sleep apnea problem can also cause you to grind your teeth during sleep, a condition known as bruxism which can further damage your healthy teeth, so it is important to treat sleep apnea before these things become an issue for you. Fortunately, treatments are available, including night guards for sleep apnea.

People with sleep apnea prefer custom night guard, because it is more comfortable than other forms of treatment. Reestablishing an open airway at night will not only improve the patient’s general health and quality of life, but often will also stop or greatly reduce the grinding and clenching as well.

To deal with the symptoms of sleep apnea, a night guard can be a really effective treatment. Snoring is caused by your tongue or jaw relaxing while you are asleep and blocking your airway. Night guards work to alter your mouth posture, returning the natural flow of air and allowing you to get a sound night sleep.

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