What are the Risks of an Untreated Crossbite?

When you have a correct bite, your upper jaw is placed slightly over the lower jaw teeth. A crossbite occurs when your upper arch is hiding behind your lower jaw when you close your mouth or, reversely, your lower teeth overlapping your upper ones.

A crossbite is a kind of teeth misalignment that occurs when a healthy bite is distorted and your teeth don’t fit together as they should. Crossbites can cause high level of discomfort and lead to many oral problems such as jaw pain, receding gums, and loose teeth.

After some time, just like any other teeth misalignment problem, crossbites might result in certain teeth chipping, sensitivity, and an uneven wear to the enamel. Moreover, if your teeth don’t close in proper alignment, the muscles on your face might not be equally engaged, causing strain, neck pain, or even headaches. A crossbite might be behind facial asymmetry, which, in its turn, can lower your confidence level.

Just like any sort of malocclusion, crossbite is treatable. The sooner you treat your crossbite problem, the lower are your chances of developing any related dental issues.

Risks involved with an untreated crossbites

If ignored, crossbites can cause severe health problems. Along with dental issues such as teeth grinding, irregular wear to the enamel, and loss of teeth, crossbite patients report headache problem and muscle tension from the abnormal stress placed on the jaw.

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In severe cases, crossbites can affect jaw and face development, especially in young patients. A misaligned bite can leave a lasting mark resulting in a permanent deviation of the bones and skull on your face, speech impediments, and an unbalanced facial appearance.

If you suspect that you might have a crossbite problem, you need to see an orthodontist. Crossbites are usually treated using braces to straighten crooked teeth and adjust their alignment. A newer, discreet treatment option is invisible aligners.

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