Signs That Indicate You Need Braces

Do you avoid smiling because of your misaligned teeth? Does your teeth hurt when you chew hard foods? These may be a few indications that you need braces. While your orthodontist can help you determine the right treatment path, it is always a good idea to get information about your oral health. Let’s discuss the warning signs that indicate you need dental braces.

Experiencing Difficulty in Biting

When you start to eat your food, you may notice that it is hard to chew, or even painful to bite down. This happens mainly with hard-to-chew foods like fruits or sticky candies. Some people notice that they are continually biting the side of their cheek or tongue when they eat. The misalignment of your teeth may be causing this type of harmful eating.

Gaps in Your Teeth

If you are experiencing excessive space in-between your teeth, it can be a direct indication that braces are on the horizon. Leaving large gaps in your smile can put you at risk for tooth decay, jaw misalignment, and eating difficulties. Food may easily get trapped in the gaps, causing gum irrigation and on-going pain. Braces can help reduce these gaps and prevent oral problems.

Crooked or Crowded Teeth

When you have a malocclusion, you will need braces to create more space and realign your bite. One way to tell if you are at risk for crowding is to floss regularly. If you are having a hard time flossing between certain teeth, you likely have a space issue that needs to be addressed with braces. If left untreated, a malocclusion can turn into an impacted tooth which may have to be pulled or lead to costly oral surgery.

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Protruding Teeth

If you are having protruding teeth that stick beyond your lips, you will surely need braces to put them back into alignment. While protruding teeth are tough on a person’s self-esteem, they also put an individual at high-risk for a dental injury. Teeth that aren’t protected by the lips can easily be knocked out during an accidental fall.

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