Know How to Stop Your Teeth from Shifting

Though you can’t see it, your teeth always shift slightly. Even after you have had dental braces or other orthodontic procedure, your teeth will continue to move throughout your life.

Your teeth movement is due to different factors, including:

  • High pressure during chewing, eating and talking
  • Your changing jaw shape as you get older
  • Oral health issues such as gum problem or teeth grinding.
  • Your teeth shifting back to their original positions after any orthodontic procedure

If you have had partial dentures or other orthodontic treatments to correct tooth alignment, your teeth have been shifted from their natural positions.

Once your dental braces are removed after your treatment or you stop wearing teeth aligners such as invisible aligners, your teeth may start to shift back to their original positions. This is so natural. The teeth movement may be more in some people, while others may experience little movement.

Another reason your teeth might move after dental braces is due to the overall health of your gums and jaw bone. If any sort of bone loss has occurred due to gum problem or another oral issue, it is quite difficult for your teeth to be in proper state once your dental braces are removed.

If you have had a tooth extraction procedure, your surrounding teeth may start to move to fill the gap. The right way to avoid such kind of problem is to replace missing teeth with top quality dental implants or a dental bridge that fills the space of the missing teeth properly.

Retainer for teeth online

How to minimize teeth shifting?

Removable teeth retainer

Once your dental braces are removed, your orthodontist will recommend teeth retainers. You may be advised to wear your removable teeth retainers at night only or for specific hours a day and night as you can easily wear.

Permanent teeth retainers

Permanent or fixed teeth retainers are very effective in maintaining proper teeth alignment and should be considered as the right choice once your dental braces come off.

You may not be aware of the fact that you grind your teeth at night, but your experienced orthodontist can see the signs by noting the particular wear patterns on certain teeth. If you grind your teeth during sleep, it is recommended  to wear night guards to prevent teeth grinding problem.

Wearing a teeth retainer daily after having your dental braces removed is one practical way to reduce teeth shifting. Another important step is to improve and maintain good oral hygiene. Order custom retainers for teeth online from the comfort of your own home. You will get the same high-quality products that are made by laboratories that dentist use, for close to half the cost.

Choose Custom Teeth Retainers Online

Wearing teeth retainers is necessary to prevent your teeth from leaving their original position and remain fixed. Order custom teeth retainers online with us. Take your teeth impressions and receive your custom teeth device at your home. Contact us today to know more about our customized retainers.

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