What Happens If Your Bite is Misaligned?

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Malocclusion or misaligned bite occurs when your jaws and teeth are misaligned due to abnormal positioning of the teeth when the jaws close. This can result in overbite, underbite, crossbite or teeth crowding issues.

While many people want to get their misaligned bite treated for cosmetic reasons, it is important to treat the issue for medical reasons as well if you want your teeth to function properly and smile beautifully.

Symptoms of a misaligned bite

The symptoms of the misaligned bite may be mild or severe. Symptoms of the malocclusion include:

  • Improper teeth alignment.
  • Feeling of uneasiness when chewing or biting.
  • Frequent biting of your inner cheeks.
  • Changes in the appearance of your face.
  • Speech issues.

When you have straight teeth and smile, it will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease since they are simpler to clean, making brushing and flossing a breeze. An aligned bite also deters speech problems so you can speak and chew normally. It is important so your body can break down and absorb the necessary nutrients from your diet.

Proper teeth alignment also keeps the wear and tear on the teeth and TMJ discomfort to a minimum. On the other hand, untreated malocclusion strains your jaw and jaw muscles, resulting in severe jaw and neck pain, and of course, severe headaches.

Know how teeth retainers and braces can help

Invisible teeth retainer and braces worn over teeth can help realign them into their proper position and keep the teeth and jaw in their perfect place. Teeth retainers may be worn for years or even for lifetime to maintain well-aligned position.

invisible teeth retainer

Clear aligner treatment can treat class 1 malocclusion and some underbites and overtebite issues, while braces can fix big gaps and crooked teeth as well as underbites and overbites. Braces are particularly, helpful for children and teenagers since malocclusion most often impacts these ages. Baby teeth may need to be removed to make enough space for the eruption of the permanent teeth. Then, dental braces can treat the jaw problems and misaligned teeth through gentle pressure applied on the teeth and followed up with teeth retainers to keep teeth in their right position.

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Retainers are most often used after wearing braces to hold teeth in position. In other cases, patients may wear teeth retainers to close gaps or spaces between teeth, or to move a single tooth. Order custom-made teeth retainers online with us. Contact us today to know more about our custom retainers.