Reasons to Choose Custom Night Guards Online

If you never have painful jaws or chronic headaches, but lately, you just can’t seem to get rid of such pains, you could have a condition called bruxism. Bruxism is a dental problem in which you grind or clench your teeth. You can prevent bruxism by wearing a night guard. A night guard is a teeth retainer-like plastic piece that can be hard or soft.

A night guard covers the biting surfaces and can be worn on either the lower or upper set of teeth. Since patients have unique teeth and jaw patterns, a night guard is customized for each patient by molding it to fit your teeth without the risk of being uncomfortable or bulky. Night guard has several names; therefore, when you hear from the orthodontists about a mouth guard, occlusal guard, bite splint, dental guard, or nocturnal bite plate, they discuss about the same thing.

Prevent Teeth Damage

Since teeth grinding happens at night, more teeth grinding means the more you subject your teeth to enamel loss. Enamel erosion causes over-sensitive teeth. Teeth grinding damages your teeth by fracturing a weak tooth and wearing out any kind of fillings. The surface of your teeth can only handle the pressure associated with chewing and biting, but the extra pressure from teeth clenching and teeth grinding is hard.

Prevent Severe Headaches

Severe neck pains and headaches are generally the initial symptoms of bruxism since TMJ dysfunction manifests itself through migraines. The tensed muscles in the neck, shoulders, mouth, and jaw cause severe headaches. However, before you rush to diagnose yourself as suffering from bruxism, you can check that the headaches are indeed being caused by teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

Buy Night Guard Online

Saves Money

It is true that one-size-fits-all night guard costs less but it is not recommended because it will be uncomfortable. A night guard should be custom-made to ensure proper fit and comfort. When you compare the cost of a night guard with the cost of restorative dentistry, the former is cheaper. Once your teeth get fractures, restorative dental treatment will be the only solution for your dental issues.

Prevents Temporomandibular Joint Disorder(TMJ)

The TMJ connects your jaw and the skull and affects the muscles you use to chew. As you clench your teeth during sleep, you apply pressure into the TMJ, which can cause misalignment. When misaligned, you develop TMJ dysfunction. Wearing a custom night guard prevents the disorder’s development because it eases tension on the muscles. Buy Night Guard Online from the comfort of your home. Custom night guard for teeth separates the teeth and protects them by not allowing the grinding of the teeth.

Buy Night Guard Online

Protect your teeth with the best night guard for teeth grinding. Our teeth impression kit allows you to take an impression of your teeth from the comfort of your home. Custom night guards are the top quality products that are made by laboratories that dentists use, for close to half the cost. Contact us today to know more about our customized night guards.

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